My infinitesimal web existence !

ADC Page ADC (Astronomical Data Centre) was my first major project at IUCAA related to astronomy. This utility allows one to find, browse and plot catalogues. I have used pgperl and to some extent Javascript. Hope to add more plotting options and other conveniences in near future.

Marathi Kavita A few marathi kavita from my collection. These I have collected over the years when I did not realize that one day I will use them for public display. As a result I often lack publication and originator details. I would like to add these and any assistance is most appreciated. The collection will keep growing. Any suggestion/help is most welcome.

Char-oli Page Few charoli's of course by Chango (Chandrashekhar Gokhale). Sometime in the last year Charoli was in fashion. A number of charoli sangrah were published during that period. But the charoli started/came in fashion because of Mi Maaza.. There are other Charoli sangrah like mi tuza, mi kunacha, mi sarvaancha.. ,But the charoli = mi maaza = chango still is a tautology.

Vermeer's Page Some paintings by The Great Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). Visit Paintings of Vermeer (from where I have downloaded these images) for further exploration of his work.
Astronomical Images My collection of Astronomical images. These images are a result of, among other things, my exploring the web and some scans from Cambridge Atlas.

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